orthodontists new yorkWhat are Orthodontists?

Orthondontics was the first recognized specialty within the field of dentistry and typically requires two to four years of postgraduate study to obtain the proper qualifications. A New York orthodontist’s education provides the proper training for recognizing, defining, designing treatment for and presenting and executing the treatment strategy in order to correct teeth, jaw, smile etc. This dental specialist is often seen by children or teenagers who are still growing and thus, are able to have modifications made that may not be possible once the face and jaws have completed their growth. New York orthodontists should be seen by those who want to have the best and healthiest smile possible or receive specialized treatment to improve their mouth’s “bite”.

New York orthodontists typically deal with the development, growth and modification of the mouth, jaw and face. Associated procedures can be carried out purely for aesthetic reasons such as correcting an improper bite, tooth irregularity, crooked teeth, disproportionate jaw positioning and other issues. New York orthodontists will most often use apparatuses such as braces and retainers in order to set a patient’s teeth correctly.

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