Are you considering an EDP Dental Plan? Or are you already enjoying some of our many benefits and want to know more? EDP’s customer service team knows you may have questions regarding your dental plan purchase. Review our Dental Plan Resources links below. You’re likely to find answers to one or more of your questions. If your question is not listed or if you’d like to speak to one of our helpful representatives please contact us, toll-free, at 1-800-777-1085 today!

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EDP Discount Dental Plans FAQs

What Are EDP Discount Dental Plans?

EDP discount dental plans are not dental insurance. They are an affordable dental insurance alternative. The plan is a membership with an annual fee, and members have access to an extensive network of dental practitioners. EDP Dental Plan’s dentists have met stringent requirements to qualify and provide our members with high-quality dental services at discounted fees. Membership includes access to a network of pre-screened dentists who offer a reduction in their fees for numerous dental procedures to our dental plan members.

Will a Pre-Existing Condition Disqualify Me?

There are no pre-existing condition restrictions with an EDP Dental Plan. Additional benefits of EDP discount dental plans include no paperwork to fill out or claims to file.

How are EDP Dental Plans different from Dental Insurance Plans?

EDP Dental Plans’ Provisions:

  • No annual limits
  • Immediate activation: you may join and see a dentist the same day
  • No paperwork – present your membership card to receive discounted services
  • Affordable plans for singles, couples and families
  • No health or age restrictions
  • Discounts apply to procedures performed by specialists as well as general dentists
  • Money Back Guarantee

Dental Insurance Provisions:

  • Deductibles, annual benefits ceiling
  • Waiting periods for certain medical procedures
  • Long timeline for claims process
  • Pre-existing conditions limitations
  • Dental specialists are seldom covered
  • Generally offered through employers to staff and their families only

What Do EDP Dental Plans Cost?

  • Single Plan Membership is $119 yearly or $12 monthly*
  • Couple Plan Membership is $199 yearly or $20 monthly*
  • Family Plan Membership is $249 yearly or $24 monthly*

*There is an additional one time only registration fee of $19. Enroll today!

How Can I Know in Advance What I Will Pay?

View the sample fee schedule of participating general dentists in your area. Generally, EDP Dental Plan members save up to 60% off a plan practitioner general dentist’s regular fees. PLEASE NOTE: Participating dental specialists charge a 25% reduction of their regular fees for EDP Dental Plan members.

What is Covered Under an EDP Dental Plan?

  • Routine dental procedures performed by a participating general dentist at up to 60% savings off their regular fees.
  • 25% off participating Dental Specialists’ regular fees.
  • Dental health care providers covered under EDP’s Discount Dental Plans include:
    – General dentists
    – Pediatric dentists
    – Periodontists
    – Prosthodontists
    – Maxillofacial specialists
    – Endodontists
    – Oral surgeons
    – Orthodontists

How Can I Find a Dentist? Or If My Current Dentist is an EDP Dental Plan Practitioner?

Finding a participating dentist is easy and convenient. You may search by zip code or address or by the practitioner’s name or specialty.

Who Can Join?

If you do not have dental insurance and are not covered by another family member’s dental insurance plan, you may join EDP Dental Plans. We have EDP Dental Plans for singles, couples and families. One of our plans will be the right fit for you! Enroll today!

How Can Members Receive Replacement Cards?

If you lose your EDP Dental Plan Membership card please contact us for a replacement. You may use the form or call us directly at (800) 777-1085.

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