Oral Surgeon

oral surgeons new yorkWhat are Oral Surgeons?

EDP’s New York oral surgeons provide diagnoses, surgical treatment and maintenance for the head, mouth, teeth, gums, jaws and neck. These surgeons will typically perform more complex surgeries than a general dentist such as facial reconstruction, removal or treatment of oral birth defects (cleft lip and palette issues are good examples of this), bone grafting, removal of impacted teeth, jaw problems, help with sleep apnea or excision of infected tissue in the neck, face or mouth. In addition, New York oral surgeons are the best dental professional to see for the removal or treatment of cysts, tumors, management of nasal or cheek bone fractures and help in managing disorders that result in chronic facial pain.

So, what makes EDP the perfect choice for inexpensive dental plans? Unlike most dental insurance in New York, this discount dental plan doesn’t have irritating waiting periods, exasperating claim forms or pointless exclusions and age limits. In short, EDP is affordable and simple to register for, making it the best solution for quality dental care and New York oral surgeon services. EDP offers the opportunity to obtain this caliber of dental care at just a fraction of the normal cost.

Find an Oral Surgeon Today

If you’ve been searching for a New York oral surgeon, consider our monthly plans, which are based on a one year minimum contract. Multi-year agreements can be acquired at a discount for single, couple and family plans. Sign up with EDP today and you’ll have the benefit of a free cleaning at select dentists (a $90 value), superior plan flexibility and top-notch dental health care. EDP offers a full line of specialty dental professionals including New York oral surgeons, pediatric dentists, oral & maxillofacial surgeons, periodontists, orthodontists, endodontists, prosthodontists and general dentists.

Enroll here or call one of our courteous customer service representatives at (631) 272-5230 to get started with your New York oral surgeon appointment.