New York Endodontist

What are Endodontists?

This dental specialty provider primarily deals with the tissues surrounding the root of a tooth as well as tooth pulp which contains nerves and other important tissues that are crucial to a tooth’s health. Endodontic procedures performed by New York endodontists often prove indispensable to dental patients who are in need of treatment for cracked teeth, dental trauma, or diseased or injured tooth pulp. New York endodontists typically undergo an additional two-plus years of postgraduate training after completing their dental degree to receive accreditation for this specialty.

A root canal is perhaps the most well-known of procedures a New York endodontist has at his or her disposal. This acts to treat the pulp of the tooth in order to eliminate infection as well as protect the decontaminated tooth from further invasion. Contrary to popular belief, this procedure is a largely painless experience. In fact, great innovations in root canal therapy such as the enhancement of equipment and technique have helped New York endodontists make the procedure a quicker process.

Find an Endodontist Today

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