The Benefits of Individual Dental Plans

individual dental plansUnlike individual dental insurance, EDP’s individual dental plans don’t have expensive annual deductibles, long waiting periods, endless claim forms, or restrictive exclusions and age limits. Discount dental plans are affordable dental insurance alternatives that allow plan members to save a considerable amount of money on dental bills by paying fees that are a fraction of the full patient cost. Dental insurance is not something everyone has access to and even if they do, the kind of customization, quality and customer service that EDP’s individual dental plans provide are almost non-existent.

Why Choose EDP Individual Dental Plans

A routine check-up costs an average of $60 without a dental plan, but through us you can save 60% and only pay $36. A single tooth extraction costs around $150, but we’ll help you save 60%, and pay just $90.

When it comes to spending less for quality dental care, EDP is a leading individual dental plan, delivering savings up to 60% on practically every dental procedure. EDP Dental Plan is not the same as individual dental insurance. Instead, it’s a ‘reduced-fee-for-service’ program where members pay a specified fee for the dental services they receive. With EDP, there are none of the hassles and inconveniences of conventional dental insurance, just guaranteed discounts of up to 60% every time. That’s what makes EDP Dental Plans a top choice for individual dental plans and it’s why we’re growing in popularity every single day!

Enroll via our registration form or by calling one of our customer service agents at 1.800.777.1085. Sign up today, make an appointment with your participating dental care provider and experience the reason that many choose to pass over individual dental insurance for the freedom and affordability of the best individual dental plan, EDP.

* Any treatment provided by a participating specialist, if available, in Oral Surgery, Orthodontics, Periodontics, Pedodontics or Endodontics, will be charged at a 25% reduction of a participating specialist’s fees for that particular case.

** Same day enrollment is available.

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