The Benefits of Using a Vibrating Toothbrush

vibrating toothbrushes

Thorough brushing is essential for peak dental health. To make bushing more fun and effective, there are a variety of toothbrushes from which to choose, including manual brushes in different colors, shapes, sizes. For those who need a little more “power,” consider an electric toothbrush. With vibrating action, an electric toothbrush may benefit your dental health even more than a manual one.

A Vibrating Toothbrush Cleans More Thoroughly

Unlike manual toothbrushes with stationary bristles, vibrating brushes spin to reach more areas in your mouth, especially in between teeth and the back molars. Rapid vibrating bristles provide better “scrubbing” action and cover more surfaces for maximum efficiency. Vibrating brushes may also help you brush longer and smarter. Powered bristles work harder to eliminate trapped food which helps prevent plaque and tartar buildup.  Additional features, such as adjustable power levels and timers, can take brushing to the next level for a cleaner, healthier smile.

By reaching more areas in your mouth than a manual toothbrush, a vibrating toothbrush can be a more an effective tool in helping to combat gingivitis and gum disease in the long term.

Limited Movement? Put a Vibrating Toothbrush to Work

If you have limited manual dexterity or other conditions which prevent you from keeping up with your daily oral hygiene routine, a vibrating toothbrush decreasing the need for physical exertion. They can be great motivators for reluctant brushers and are tons of fun for kids. There are many affordable options that are available over the counter. Ask your dentist which electric toothbrush is ideal for you.

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