What EDP Dental Plans Cover

EDP Dental Plans

EDP Discount Dental Plans’ Key Features and Benefits:

Fewer employers are offering dental coverage with their health insurance packages. If they are making this coverage available to their staff, the premiums are not always budget-friendly. What many have discovered is a more affordable option for those seeking affordable dental health coverage – dental plans. While not dental insurance, dental plans offer oral health care from qualified professionals at a reduced fee. Among these options, EDP Dental has become a leading dental insurance alternative that provides its members with access to high quality dental care at prices members can afford.

Our members know that EDP Dental Plans are a great dental insurance alternative that can save them money on quality dental care for every member of their household. EDP Dental Plan members appreciate substantial discounts on general dental procedures. The main advantage of an EDP Dental Plan over traditional dental insurance is that it makes dental health care far more affordable than most dental insurance plans.

Additionally, when a specialist’s services are required, most dental plans do not cover these procedures at all. Their members must pay the costs entirely out of pocket. EDP Dental Plan members will usually receive 25% off their regular fees for procedures performed by specialists. Some of these specialists include: pediatric dentists, oral surgeons, orthodontists, periodontists, Pedodontists, endodontists, and prosthodontists.

Routine Dental Procedures at up to 60% Less

EDP Dental Plans’ member benefits include savings of up to 60% on routine dental procedures, such as teeth cleanings and fillings, for the entire family. We also offer dental plans for individuals, couples and families. There are even payment options. Our members may pay their annual membership up-front for the whole year or in monthly installments. This flexibility makes EDP’s plans even more attractive to those just starting out, or families or seniors living on a fixed income.

Another great benefit is choice. EDP Dental Plan members may choose their practitioner from one of the largest network of dental providers. EDP pre-qualifies our practitioners using criteria that ensures our members have access to the best dentists to receive top quality dental care. Many new members are pleased to discover that the dentist they already visit participates as an EDP dental provider. EDP believes that every person should have access to the best dental care possible, often at a greatly discounted cost. Families especially appreciate the savings they receive as members of EDP Dental Plans. They often report that they have realized their annual fee in savings the first time they visited their dentist as EDP plan members.                    

Learn How EDP Dental Plans Work

If you are used to having dental insurance, you’ll quickly adapt to having an EDP Dental Plan. We offer a 30-day guarantee, so there is no risk whatsoever. There are no claim forms or paperwork to fill out, which our members report is a much-appreciated feature over traditional dental insurance.

Here are some of the highlights, benefits, and features to EDP dental plans:

Membership fees and payment options

EDP discount dental plans offer three plan options. We have a Single Plan, a Couple Plan, and a Family Plan. One will be ideal for anyone’s dental requirements. There is a one-time registration fee of $19. Also, members have the option to pay their annual membership in one payment or monthly with a one-year minimum contract.

No age restrictions

Many dental insurance plans do not cover seniors. EDP Dental Plans do not limit membership. It is open to anyone.

No waiting periods

Those with dental insurance must wait until some or all of their benefits are valid. While the terms of these waiting periods vary, the average waiting period is 12-months. This is not an issue with an EDP Dental Plan. The day that our members enroll, they are covered and may visit the dentist of their choosing from our in-network practitioners. This includes specialized procedures as well as routine dentistry.


When EDP members require dental services, they select their dentists from our extensive roster of qualified practitioners who have met our high criteria and standards. Each dentist agrees to charge a discounted fee to EDP Dental Plan members.

Access to top practitioners

Every EDP dental plan practitioner has met or exceeded our stringent criteria. Many EDP plan members have been pleased to discover that their present dentist participates in providing EDP dental plan discounted services to our members. EDP plan members pay their dentists directly for services. There is no paperwork to fill out nor claims to file.

No benefits cap

Dental insurance plans place a ceiling on the amount of coverage they will provide an individual annually. With EDP, there are no benefits caps. Should a member or their family require extensive dental work, they still qualify for the member discounts that their practitioner offers.

No deductibles

To lower dental costs, many with dental insurance opt for a high deductible. This practice is fine for keeping monthly household budget costs down, but expensive when they or anyone in their family requires dental care. EDP discount dental plans do not have plan deductibles. 

Unlimited yearly visits

Dental insurance plans with benefits caps also limit the number of dental visits. EDP does not limited visitations. Members and their families may visit their EDP dentist or participating specialist as often as they need to without limit.

To sum up, EDP Dental Plans, which are not dental insurance, provide our members with peace of mind and access to great dental services -all within their budget. EDP’s discount dental plans offer our members their choice of dentist from one of the largest network of dental providers that provide top quality care. How much can you save while maintaining your dental health? Benefit from EDP’s low cost dental plan. Enroll online today! You can also reach us at (800) 777-1085 to learn more about how EDP can serve you and your family.

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