Teaching Toddlers About Oral Health Can Be Fun!

Teaching Toddlers About Oral Health Can Be Fun

There is a reason that Show and Tell is a popular game with very young children. Children are superb mimics. When you want your child to learn a good behavior or sound habit, be sure to practice what you are preaching. When they are very young, let them watch you brush your teeth. They will want to try it themselves and before long they will have learned lifelong habits and practices that are conducive to good oral health.

Tips for Toddlers’ Oral Health

Show them how:

  1. Start very early on the road to teaching proper oral hygiene. Children are often startled or frightened by the introduction of a new object or lesson. After mealtime, when you gently swab your infant’s teeth and gums to clean them, let your baby touch the brush’s soft bristles.
  2. By the time your child is crawling, let them play copy cat. As you brush your teeth in the bathroom mirror, let them ‘pretend’ to brush sitting alongside you.
  3. By their toddler stage, your child is ready for his life lesson.

Tell Them About It:

  1. Explain using age-appropriate language how to brush and floss and how daily practice will keep their teeth clean and healthy. If your children ask questions, answer by demonstrating if possible.
  2. Do not expect consistency from toddlers learning oral health Help them to brush each morning and before bed. Strive for two minutes’ of brushing and find imaginative ways to encourage them to reach that goal!

Turn Teaching Toddlers About Oral Health Into Playtime:

Make Learning Fun!

  1. Let your little one select their toothbrush and toothpaste. Many popular licensed characters are available on dental care products.
  2. Buy a toothbrush that plays a song or has a light display to encourage brushing for two minutes.
  3. Supervise putting toothpaste on their brush for them; tell them a story to hold their attention while they brush.

Even if your child’s permanent teeth have not yet grown in, be sure to keep up with regular check-ups and cleanings for a lifetime of healthy smiles. Every family can take advantage of the EDP Dental Plan. Coverage begins almost immediately with no deductible to meet. Enjoy savings of up to 70%—without the inconvenience of claims or paperwork. Call 631.272.5230 or register online today!

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