How Infected Sinuses Can Cause Tooth Pain

Is Your Sinus Infection Causing Tooth Pain

Your mouth hurts. You have a toothache. But there is no inflammation or discharge at the base of the tooth, just pain so insistent you cannot think about anything else. Chances are you do not have a tooth infection, but a sinus infection causing tooth pain.

How Can a Sinus Infection Be Causing Tooth Pain?

It is true: sinusitis (a sinus infection) is an inflammation which can cause a toothache. Your teeth at the back of your mouth are most susceptible to this condition due to their close proximity to the sinuses. In fact, many sinus infections are correctly diagnosed when a patient visits their dentist complaining of tooth pain.

So how can a sinus infection be causing your tooth pain? Sinus cavities are small spaces. When you have a cold, allergies, are exposed to pollutants, develop sinus polyps or have a respiratory infection, the airways constrict, mucus develops and with it, pressure builds. As a result, nearby nerves are impacted. These include the nerves in teeth at the back of the mouth.

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