How Do Monthly Dental Plans Stack Up Against Dental Insurance?

Saving money on quality healthcare is always good. However, if your employer offers dental health coverage, should you sign up or consider EDP Dental Plans, a quality dental insurance plan alternative instead? If your employer offers dental health insurance as part of its package, take a close look before you commit. You may already know what you or your family’s dental health requirements have cost in recent years, but compile a list for comparison. Consider what you will have deducted from your weekly or bi-weekly paycheck against EDP Dental’s modest annual fee or monthly dental plan installment to cover yourself and your entire family. And if you are a senior or retiree on a fixed income, the value of a monthly payment dental plan will likely outweigh carrying costly dental insurance on your own.

If your employer offers dental insurance coverage, check to see if what had been covered in the past is presently covered on your plan. You may be in for quite a surprise. As insurance costs escalate, some previously covered services may have been decreased or have been discontinued altogether.

Get What You Pay For With a Monthly Dental Plan from EDP Dental Plans

Another consideration is a waiting period. Some insurance plans require up to an 18 month waiting period for certain procedures to be covered under their plan. Not so with EDP Dental’s monthly dental plans! Our plans offer great value as you only pay for the services you need as you need them. Sign up and you are able to see a dentist that day if you wish.

Our detailed charts by state will also enable you to see what you will pay by procedure. There is no guesswork and no financial surprises. Also, while some dental insurance plans have limits on who may or not be covered, EDP Dental’s monthly dental plans are open to everyone, regardless of age or dental requirements. Best of all, EDP Dental monthly dental plans are covered by a money back guarantee. Will your dental insurance refund you if you are not satisfied? Still have questions? Give us a call at (800) 777-1085 and discover how one of our monthly dental plans is right for you!

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