5 Interesting Facts about Dentistry


Through the ages, advanced civilizations have been concerned about their dental health.  Below are a few interesting dental facts and procedures used by ancient and modern practitioners.  And, while oxen hooves are no longer an ingredient in your toothpaste, you’ll learn more about the effective tools and practices dentists in the EDP Dental Plan network may use. 

Fun Dental Facts

Dental radiographs have been shown to be an effective tool in preventing strokes.

  • Did you know that by locating potentially harmful calcium buildups in the carotid arteries (which are located near both ends of one’s jawbone) immediate treatment may prevent strokes?

The American Dental Association has recommended that patients should listen to music while at the dentist’s office.

  • Music can be soothing and provides a distraction which can help lower a patient’s blood pressure and pulse.

Dentists are one of the top five most trusted professionals in the USA.

  • This information was found in a study by the Gallop Organization and Consumer Reports.

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Flossing has a far larger impact than most think.

  • If you don’t floss, you’ll miss around 35% of your teeth’s surface area.

Egyptians made their own toothpaste over 5000 years ago.

  • Their toothpaste was made of myrrh, pumice, powdered ashes from the hooves of oxen, and a powder made from burned egg shells.

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