What is the Advantage of a Dental Plan?

Discount dental plans are gaining in popularity over conventional dental insurance for a number of reasons. Here are a few:

  • Savings
  • Convenience
  • Affordability
  • Dental Savings Wherever You Go
  • Peace of Mind


The advantage of a dental plan is that it is not insurance. The plan works much the same way as a warehouse club membership: membership is open to everyone for a modest annual fee. This gains members access to discounts ranging from 25% to 60% on most general dentist services (and 20% savings at dental specialists).


The dentists who comprise EDP Dental Plans’ network have passed a comprehensive selection process to qualify. Have a great relationship with your current dentist? Another advantage of a dental plan is that chances are good that your dentist is already an EDP Dental Plans provider.


The cost for traditional dental insurance offered through your employer is a set amount deducted from every paycheck and a co-pay tendered at the time of service. A major advantage of our dental plan is that EDP Dental Plans are available as a modest annual fee which may be divided into 12 easily affordable payments. When you see your dentist you pay a reduced fee for the service you require. For families and those living on fixed incomes especially, the advantage of a dental plan is determined in dollars and common sense!

Dental Plan Savings Advantages Throughout New York

EDP Dental Plans provide you access to one of the largest network of dental providers. Yet another advantage of an EDP dental plan is that your EDP dental membership is honored throughout New York State.

Peace of Mind

For families and those living on a fixed income, making ends meet can sometimes be difficult. However, there is a way to have quality and affordable dental care without causing financial hardship: just select the EDP Dental Plan that is right for you! Peace of mind is a compelling advantage of a dental plan over traditional dental insurance. EDP Dental offers plans for singles, families and couples. EDP offers upfront prices and the option to spread your annual fee over 12 months. Learn more or sign up by calling (800) 777-1085 today!

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