Pros and Cons of Having Impacted Wisdom Teeth Removed

Got Impacted Wisdom Teeth Don't Rush to Extraction

There is no history as to when wisdom teeth began to be known by that term. Linguists, who study word origins, believe that because these are the last teeth to appear and so much later than our adult teeth, that we are considered mature or “wiser.”

Most people develop one or more of their four wisdom teeth, our third and final set of molars, before they are 25 years old. There are two upper and two lower wisdom teeth, intended to occupy the backmost spaces in our mouths. Problems arise, however, when there is no space remaining in an adult mouth to accommodate these teeth. By our mid-twenties, our mature teeth have moved and have taken up any space that would be occupied by these late comer wisdom teeth.

Only a few years ago, if one’s wisdom teeth appeared, they were extracted. Today there are pros and cons to consider as it is no longer assumed that their appearance signals a need for their removal.

Pros:  Keep Your Wisdom Teeth if…

  • You have non-impacted wisdom teeth.
  • The teeth have come in straight and not at an angle.
  • They are not crowding or butting up against surrounding teeth, thereby wearing their enamel down.

Cons: Have Your Wisdom Teeth Extracted if…

  • You experience bite problems.
  • The teeth have grown in crooked.
  • You have bone loss and pockets around nearby teeth.
  • You have infected/impacted wisdom teeth.
  • The wisdom teeth become infected.

Your dentist will determine which is the best course of action for you.  If you do not have dental insurance, EDP Dental Plans can save you hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars should you require having your wisdom teeth extracted. While not dental insurance, EDP Dental Plans have assisted our members in receiving the best dental care at affordable prices.  Call us today at 1.800.777.1085.

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