The Importance of Flossing

importance of flossing

Flossing is about more than just removing unwanted food matter from your teeth; many of its oral health benefits are just as important as those of brushing.  Here, we review some highly worthwhile benefits of flossing. 

Flossing Can Lessen Bad Breath

Regular flossing can significantly lessen bad breath by removing trapped food from between teeth that a toothbrush leaves behind.

Flossing Can Keep Cavities from Forming

Flossing once per day can help to keep harmful plaque from eating away at teeth and forming cavities, causing toothaches, hot & cold sensitivity and/or visible erosion.

Flossing Can Prevent Gum Diseases

Tender gums, bad breath, inflammation and bleeding are some symptoms of gingivitis that can be prevented with proper flossing.  If left unchecked, gingivitis’ more destructive counterpart, periodontal disease, can emerge causing further deterioration and pain.

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Flossing Can Prevent Other Harmful Diseases

Poor oral health can contribute to respiratory and heart disease and can even complicate existing diabetes.

Flossing Can Help Ease the Effects of Tooth Grinding

Excessive tooth grinding causes enamel to wear down and can cause teeth and jaw misalignment.  According to Oral B, brushing and flossing daily can help prevent these complications.

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