How Many Times Per Day Should You Brush Your Teeth?

should you brush your teeth

Brushing your teeth properly removes harmful plaque that would otherwise cause cavities.  Proper brushing technique doesn’t only concern the act of brushing, but also its frequency.  The answer to ‘How many times per day should I brush?’ seems easy; the American Dental Association (ADA) generally recommends brushing your teeth twice per day.  But you may be surprised to find that the answer is more nuanced than this. 

Though two times per day is often the recommended amount for tooth brushing, the number of times depends on your diet, meal frequency, and overall oral health.  It is safer to brush after each meal and after consuming sugary snacks. If you have braces or gingivitis, more frequent brushing may be needed.  Keep in mind that using relatively light strokes to avoid tooth enamel wear is a key factor of effective brushing.

Regular dental check-ups are necessary even when brushing your teeth twice or more per day.  Sign up for low-cost, high-quality dental plans through EDP, or call (631) 272-5230 for more information today.

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