How Bad Breath Can Be Indicative of Tooth Decay

Causes of Bad Breath Include Tooth Decay and Other Diseases

Bad breath is an unpleasant and embarrassing condition. We often worry about our bad breath offending others, and certainly never want to be its recipient! Yet our primary cause for concern, however, should be about the causes of bad breath and what it means to maintain our oral health.

Everyone has bad breath from time to time. Most of us wake up with it from microbial deposits on the back of the tongue that develop overnight. Saliva only? functions during our waking hours so in the early morning, it has not had time to wash the deposits away. For others, it may be from that regrettable decision to go with the garlic-laden pasta special at lunch. What should cause concern is when halitosis is daily and likely indicative of tooth decay.

Serious Causes of Bad Breath

There are a number of harmless reasons for halitosis such as dieting. The following are more serious causes of bad breath to watch for:

  • Poor Oral Hygiene Habits: Food particles remain in the mouth promoting bacterial growth.
  • Periodontal Disease: Inflamed gums are a sign that decay is present.
  • Illness and Medical Conditions: Respiratory ailments, diabetes, liver and kidney problems can cause bad breath. Be sure to be screened for these illnesses especially if you have a family history of any of these diseases.
  • Poorly Fitting Dentures: Food particles can become trapped leading to decay.

Prevent Halitosis By Taking These Steps:

  • See Your Dentist: Regular checkups and dental cleanings will rout the bacteria causing bad breath. You dentist can also screen you for periodontal disease.
  • Practice Sound Dental Hygiene at Home: Brush twice daily with fluoride toothpaste.
  • Replace Your Toothbrush: Every three months replace your toothbrush because bristles wear down causing enamel erosion.
  • Use Mouthwash and Rinses: Ask your dentist to prescribe an antiseptic rinse to prevent bad breath and kill the germs causing the problem.
  • Hydrate: It is good for your mouth health as well!

To maintain sound dental health it is important to have regular checkups. If you do not have dental insurance, an EDP Dental Plan which offers discounted dental procedures may be right for you. Call us to discuss your options: (631) 910-6052.

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