Dental Plan Ratings: Why You Should Consider a Dental Plan Over Dental Insurance

There are numerous discount dental plans available. Before deciding on EDP Dental Plans, many of our members have compared buying dental insurance or another discount dental plan. While we know that EDP offers the best discount dental plans to our members, we also appreciate when consumers perform their own dental plan ratings before joining EDP. To recap, dental plans are not dental insurance. Dental insurance is a form of pre-payment. While their rates are low and the cost of two yearly checkups is generally covered, most plans cover very little. Payouts on most plans have not changed since the 1970s while service fees have risen steadily. With regular dental coverage, it is not likely that you can get back more than the cost of your premiums due to co-pays and maximum annual payment caps.

Is a Discount Dental Plan Right for You?

EDP Dental Plans are dental discount plans that help consumers save money on dental care costs. If you are considering joining a dental discount plan instead of carrying dental insurance, be aware that not all plans are alike. If you are compiling your own dental plan ratings consider this: Dental discount plans are gaining in popularity as an alternative to conventional dental insurance. What is the reason for this? Dental insurance costs rise every year and just as often, what is covered and to what extent changes as well. Let’s explore the differences between traditional dental insurance and discount dental plans.

What is a discount dental plan?

Discount dental plans are memberships to gain access to a nationwide network of qualified dental practitioners. Members make monthly or annual payments in exchange for unlimited dental care services at a reduced fee for service. Services are provided by dentists who participate in the plan’s dental network, and service charges which are based on a discounted fee schedule. Monthly or annual payments for discount dental plans are typically a fraction of the cost of dental insurance. This is a boon to those living on a fixed income or those with larger families.

How Does a Discounted Plan Rate Against Dental Insurance?

Discount dental plans are not ordinary dental insurance. Discounted services are provided by dentists who participate in the plan’s dental network. Members enrolled in a discount plan pay the discounted fee directly to their dentist. When considering a discount dental plan, be sure to check sites that offer dental plan ratings written by members as testimonials. These often provide insight into the pros and cons of every plan.

Why is an EDP Dental Plan your best choice among dental plan options?

EDP Dental Plan wants you to make an educated choice, and encourages you to be aware of several factors when making your dental coverage decision. Prices for services will vary by region so rating dental plans by comparing prices for similar services may not be the best indicator of a plan’s long term performance. Some valid factors to consider:

  • How much money could I save with EDP Dental’s discount dental plans? Are discounted rates effective immediately?

Discount dental plan (DDPs), sometimes called dental discount cards are especially attractive for people who do not have insurance coverage. For others, their current plan may not provide adequate coverage for certain services. The monthly or annual DDP payments are typically a fraction of the cost of dental insurance. In addition, the cost of a DDP is small compared to the potential savings for plan members, and discounted rates typically go into effect within two business days after an application is submitted. With EDP Dental Plan however, you are covered from your first day forward.

  • Are there any fees for using a discount plan?

Other than an initial enrollment fee, there are no fees for using EDP Dental Plan, and unlimited services are available to plan members and their families at the plan’s pre-negotiated prices.

  • Will all providers accept my EDP Dental card?

Only the dental providers who participate in our network will accept EDP Dental Plan’s card. However, EDP Dental Plans accept only practitioners who meet our stringent requirements. Chances are your dentist, or the local practitioner you’d prefer is already a member of our network.

Still Undecided? Check Out These Dental Plan Ratings From Our Members

When you are rating dental plans be sure to check out our customer reviews to assist you in making the right decision. Our members’ testimonials will likely convince you that an EDP Dental Plan is the right choice for you and your family’s dental needs.

Rating dental plans is easy when you know what to look for. EDP Dental Plans offer convenience, affordable cost and a vast, ever growing network of qualified practitioners to meet you and your family’s every dental need. Make your own dental plan rating/comparison and see for yourself why EDP Dental Plans are right for you. Why not sign up today? Call us at (800) 777-1085; we’ll be glad to assist you!

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